Monday, February 18, 2008

Experimental Sausage Expose

In December, I think, Trent asked me to develop a fermented and air dried sausage that contained cheese. My first attempt, a turkey based pepperone style sausage with his raw milk colby cheese was pretty good but not good enough. (It sold out, but you know what I mean.)

First, the ratio of cheese to meat proved to be too large, resulting in a loss of identity of the meat. Frankly, there was no way to tell that the sausage had been made with turkey. Also the cheese was a too moist and so even after three weeks of air drying it was still too soft. And the sausage fermented a little too much, perhaps due to the presense of too much bacteria (from the cheese and from the Bactoferm culture I added) and too much bacteria food (sugar). So we altered the recipe a bit, using 30% less of a dryer cheddar style cheese and cutting back on the amount of sugar.

The pictures below show the sausage on Friday (2/15) as it was being made and before it had begun to ferment. I had been planing to shoot them again on Saturday after they had spent the night in the warm kitchen fermenting but got side-tracked by preparations for out trip to New Jersey for that zany Kitchen Nightmares shoot.

So it goes: Love of craft goes out the window when the hirsute hand of fame comes knocking.

Happens all the time. LOL


Scotty said...

Friend, I am not getting any links to photos, and I am interested!

boberica said...

Have you considered using curd?
I don't have any historical precedence, but it's worked well for me with fresh chicken and pork links. I've tried including them in the grind, as well as finishing them as an internal garnish. both techniques yielded decent results. Admittedly, I've never dried them, but texturally their something else.
By the way, how did the whey-booze turn out?

Tags said...

Have you considered Cheez Whiz?

I only say that because they haven't come out with Pork Whiz yet. Or Turkey Whiz.

Bob del Grosso said...


we have been using whole milk in place of the more commonly used milk powder (Not sure if it works any differently bec. I have not done a side by side.)

The whey booze turned out fine I suppose. All samples produced alcohol. Now all I have to do is find a monkey who is dumb enough to drink it without running afoul of HSUS. Seriously, the end game is vinegar but I'm still waining for one or more samples to make the switch from "beer."

I dunno about pork whiz but you know bacon whiz would sell.

boberica said...

Hey, let's get Tony B, he won't drink it. He'll drink anything.