Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To Know Him is to Eat Him: Here come the Rice Cops

Thanks to reader Robert Martin for sciencing me up about Farmer Direct, a Canadian beef co-operative that was founded, in part, on the assumption that people will eat more beef if they know how it lived and, I assume, died.
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Worldwide Authenticity Screening for Japanese Restaurants? Sounds good to me.
Actually, I want something like this for all ethnic restaurants-especially Italian restaurants. Furthermore, let's make it the responsibility of the United Nations. That way, when I go to an Italian restaurant in New York, London or Orlando, I don't have to worry about being offended by stuff like "Buffalo Wing Pizza" or "Fettuccine Alfredo with Crabmeat."

Officials in Tokyo are offering a worldwide “authenticity screen” for restaurants that purport to be Japanese. The scheme, they say, may lead to an equivalent of the Michelin star system for the world’s 25,000 Japanese restaurants.



Tags said...

Not to mention pupu platters with real pupu.

Scotty said...

You see, you worry about the conflation of "Buffalo Wing" with "Pizza". I worry about the conflation of "Buffalo" with "Wing". Buffalo do not have wings.

I live a mere 20 minutes from the Anchor Bar where the were created. Around here, they are just "Wings" - bone in, deep-fried, tossed in a mixture of Frank's and Butter, and served with carrot and celery sticks and a good blue-cheese dressing.

Accept no substitutes!