Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Table Touch Screen Terminals To Replace Waiters?

Nah, touch screen terminals will not replace waiters. The waiters will move from the dining room to the touch screens as a new market for actors opens up.

I predict that soon after touch screens begin to appear in restaurants we will see the appearance of virtual wait staff (VWS) on the table top. Even if these VWS are digitally constructed there will still be a need for actors to voice the parts.

I wonder though, will we be expected to tip the touch screen? And if I am correct and VWS do make an appearance on touch screen ordering devices, will we be open to charges of sexual harassment if we touch a server instead of a menu item?


Table Touch Screen Terminals To Replace Waiters


Tags said...

There's not gonna be any actors. The FN stable of stars will be taking your order, giving everyone the chance to stiff Rachael Ray.

fiat lux said...

Does the touch screen also deliver the food to your table?

Restaurant Innovations said...


There is a company that is actually doing this! their product is called iServe -

Really cool!

Jessica said...

If this partially replaces waiters then it would improve service because it would allow the few waiters in the restaurant to focus on service instead of running around taking orders. Reduced cost on waiters could mean reduce food prices, no?

Bob del Grosso said...

I'm sure the cost to serve will go down and that service will generally improve. And it'll give kids something to play with -always a good thing.