Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NYC votes to make fast-food eateries post calories on menus

Yawn. I suppose this a positive development but I'm not sure. Seems to me that if you are dumb enough to eat fast food often enough for it to make you fat, you are not likely to care about how many calories are in that Whopper-McMuffin or whatever.

On the other hand, the information might dissuade parents from buying the crap for their kids more than once in a while.

NYC votes to make fast-food eateries post calories on menus


cea608b said...

It isn't fast food, it is any chain with 15 or more outlets nation wide.

I think this will include some of the chain steak-houses, not to mention Outback and TGIF. No doubt an improvement in decore at some places.

Tags said...

Fast-food companies want people to not think about the food they're eating.

If masses of people suddenly had a eureka moment and actually popped out of the cozy cocoon of ignorance the fafooies have taken so much trouble to weave, they wouldn't want to eat that crap.

Surely you don't think they built those playgrounds at McDonaldses to promote physical fitness, do you?

Don Luis said...

Fast food is cheap. That's why people in poor areas (large parts of Puerto Rico) eat it. These people are not stupid, although they may be ignorant of food-related issues. The fact that fast food is bad is well known in the US. Here, not so much.