Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where is the Outrage?

I've had a Google Alert going for news about anything to do with anti foie gras protests since May of 2007. And as regular readers of this blog know by now, I post about the subject frequently after.

Up until about November of 2007, there were lots of news articles about actions against producers and retailers of foie gras. But then after October, timely hits on the subject dried up like blood on hot sand.

What happened? Are force-fed ducks only worth making noise about in the summer months? Sales of foie gras typically escalate during the winter months, so now should be the prefect time to make some noise about this product of allegedly inhumane factory farming goons.


Valerie said...

Maybe because the focus is now on a lame duck and who is going to succeed him?

cea608b said...

I think they have been concentrating on horse butchering, which has successfully shut down in the only three states that had such facilities.

The Foodist said...

But its sooo collld I dont wanna go outside and protest today mommy!

Scotty said...

It's their annual flying saucer ride to Vega?