Thursday, December 20, 2007

Worst Country Club Food in Hawaii

Yep, you guessed it. | News | /2007/12/19/


Scotty said...

Bet it went well with poi.

Egaeus said...

That's incredible. How do you expect to get away with something like that?

But I find one thing rather puzzling about animal cruelty laws. Why is it animal cruelty to slaughter a dog or cat for consumption, but not a cow or a pig? Why do "pet" animals get the elevated status? I don't disagree that there should be laws to further protect peoples' pets due to the emotional trauma to the owners, but why prosecute it under the guise of animal cruelty?

Jennie/Tikka said...

Seems like something's been left out of this story. Are these guys from a culture that eats dogs regularly? If they aren't its just weird that they'd decide this was a good idea, ya know?

Bob del Grosso said...


The only problem I have with this is that the dog was stolen and the owners did not give these guys permission to eat it. They really should have asked first.

I'm guessing the the answer is "yes" they are from a dog eating culture and that eating a dog was no big deal to them But they shouldn't have stolen the dog to eat it. That's f--ked up.

Egaeus said...

Hey, maybe they did and it was a case of miscommunication. I can see it now:

Maintence guy: Hey man, you gonna' eat that?


Defense: Well he said he wasn't gonna eat it. Honest mistake!

Tags said...


Berenice called and said that story left a bad taste in her mouth.

Tags said...

Oops, forgot to add the :-) at the end.

IdahoRocks said...

Wasn't sure where to leave this comment, but love the big-eyed cat with cigarette (?) in mouth!

Bob del Grosso said...

Have you eve rhad poi? I have not and have wondered about it for maybe 3/4 of my life. Or at least since Hawaii Five O went off the air.

IdahoRocks (and I'm sure it does)

That cat breaks me up too. It's one stoned cat.

Scotty said...

Yes I have, at a restaurant in Southern California.

I admire all food, even the two foods I will not eat under any circumstances. I especially admire foods that are central to a cuisine -- even more so when it gives people nutrition they otherwise do not get. Poi is admirable, but it was horrible. It has been compared to library paste. Having tasted library paste in the 60's, that comparison is unfair to library paste.

Having said that, my mind is open to the fact that it may be a case similar to my first experience with grits. The next time I had two servings, one prepared by an upscale cook, the other at a roadside diner, that I quite enjoyed. So, I am open to trying it again, in the hopes of finding some who knows how to cook it.

Egaeus said...


They told me she was dead. Honest mistake!


What foods are those?

IdahoRocks said...

I've had poi, in Hawaii, at roadside stands and at fancy restaurants. It has no taste. And it's usually prepared with no seasoning. Imagine cheapo canned beans mixed with some tasteless lentil and a bit of some tasteless root ground into a gray mush. It would take a lot of seasoning to make that mess taste good. But some chefs can do it.

Scotty said...

Egaeus -

No. 1 Cake. Real cake not cheesecake or carrot cake. tastes like Spackle covered sponge to me. I get pie for birthday.

No. 2 Popcorn. My Dad took me to the The Green Berets in 68 when i was 10. I was chowing on a large popcorn when the scene came up where Jim Hutton got caught in the snare and whacked aginst the Punji Sticks. I tossed the popcorn, and since then even the aroma makes me nauseous. My kids hate that!

Anonymous said...

Lived in Hawaii, on Maui for 13 years and didn't find it unusual to have ethnic foods that occasionally included dogs at special family gatherings. Plenty in No. Vietnam when I last visited in '98, at roadside stands concealed as satay.