Thursday, December 6, 2007

Woman Can Keep Frozen Cats

Whew! Just when I was beginning to think that I'd have to start worrying about the government telling me what I'm allowed to keep in my freezer, the court steps in with some common sense.

Woman Can Keep Frozen Cats


Tags said...

Sixty dead cats! Do you realize that's 540 lives gone to waste?

There had to be some dirty dog dealings to stir up that much curiosity.

And who let the dogs out, anyway?

Scotty said...

I think I would recommend a slow moist heat cooking method. Cat tends to be stringy, but don't tell that to my furry buddies!

IdahoRocks said...

They called them "roof rabbits" during WWII and British officers were required to learn and recognize the difference between skinned cats and skinned rabbits.

Human behavior never ceases to amaze me....

Don Luis said...

The actual title of the article is even more frightening: "Court: Woman Can Keep Frozen Dead Cats".

Aren't all frozen cats dead?