Sunday, December 9, 2007

I Got Butter

I made some butter today from a half gallon of unpasteurized cream that I brought home from the farm. The cream was too fermented to sell as straight-up heavy cream, but just perfect for making into cultured butter. The nose is exactly what I have come to love in cultured butter, stinky and sweet. It's a smell that would cause many, perhaps most, people to dump the cream
down the drain, but it drives me wild with appetite. (What can I say: I like spoiled food?)

There's something about that smell that gets me going. It's like the "head" from Wellfleet oysters, bread, wine must, red blooded salami or rissoto Gorgonzola. They all make me nuts with lust. My science brain would love to analyze the suspect matter behind the affect. I'd put it all into a mass spectrometer then do the math. But that would take too long and in the meantime, I might die. So screw it, I'll just go with it (a bit) like Theseus after the bull, I'll go.


Scotty said...

It's clearly an Oedipus Complex. Look at the list - with the exception of the oysters they all include things that have aged and/or fermented. The oysters are briny from the sea.

So, it appears you may have some issues with Umami!

mirinblue said...

You have completely overlooked the reason for loving things with that type of smell!! Sex! Musty and musky and rich, it hits us right in the sweet spot!


Bob del Grosso said...

I did not so much overlook it as left it unsaid. I sometimes find it more interesting to leave such stuff to the imagination. But I'm with you on this, the association is blatantly obvious.