Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The World's Cheapest Brand Awareness Trick

I'm sure Mr. Bruce, shown here with his Guinness Book of World Records Award for the world's most expensive desert, is a very nice man. But don't you think that trying to promote a restaurant with this type of stunt is a just a little bit cheesy? Is a 25,000 dollar desert that is made out of rare chocolate, gold leaf and diamonds something to be proud of?

I totally get why people like Mr. Bruce do this kind of thing. Creating the world's most expensive desert, pizza or hamburger is cheap compared to creating an ad campaign and once the press picks up on it, you get wide and rapid distribution of your brand -for free.

In other words, the same principle that drove Britney Spears to cruise around LA with her pudenda smiling at the paparazzi is used by restaurateurs to sell food.


Scotty said...

To me, aside from the idiocy of the concept, the problem is that you are talking about dessert! I don't care how famous the dessert chef is, I'd rather eat more food and have a few M&Ms when I get home.

While I completely understand your point, I could live without another mention of Ms. Spears on your site. As Ms. Lillian Carter once said about Howard Cosell -- I don't want her dead; I just wish she'd go away!

Tags said...

Some poor bastard is going to buy one, and anticipating appreciation is going to sock it away somewhere.

Imagine his surprise when he finds out that while the gold & diamonds are still good, the chocolate rotted away and it's no longer a dessert but just some plain moldy old jewelry.

Don't you watch Youtube? Leave Britney Alone!

Jennie/Tikka said...
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Jennie/Tikka said...

As a resident of L.A., I live in fear that some celebrity is going to crash into me (in an obligatory requisite Mercedes) and then get off with a slap on the wrist.

To further add to L.A.'s woes: Brad & Angelina are considering purchasing Michael Jackson's abandoned Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara. help.

And a dessert for $25 large?? That's not on my wish list. A Viking stove, Sub-Zero fridge are. $ could eat at The French Laundry like TWICE for that kinda change!

Ok, maybe one and a half times.....

Tags said...

Are celebrities in LA so oversexed that they get off on a slap on the wrist?