Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stuff this into your turkey

"Pass the gravy, can ya?"
"Dude, You're in it."

Do you see Thanksgiving as a opportunity to stuff something extra into your turkey? Then you might consider taking this bit of advice from Bonny Wolf via Leah Chernikoff at The New York Daily News

"To supplement the arousing aroma of pumpkin pie for a sexy Thanksgiving meal from start to finish, food writer and NPR food commentator Bonny Wolf recommends starting the meal with raw oysters. "Oysters have high zinc levels, which are supposed to increase sperm count," she says of these known aphrodisiacs, which come into season right around Thanksgiving time. Prepare them as a delicious starter or blend them into stuffing if your guy is squeamish about eating them raw."

Is there anyone out that who can explain to me how inducing a high sperm count in a guy is supposed to make him horny? Or maybe I'm missing the point. Perhaps the object of the aphrodisiac is the woman who feeds the man the oysters. Ahem, ladies. Are you aroused by a man who you believe has a high sperm count?

OMG, what planet is this?


tyronebcookin said...

Now thats funny...

How is it articles now seem to jump over to their point of view without bridging it correctly?

Jennie/Tikka said...

I'm totally confused. Since when do you have to induce a guy to have sex?? All the men I know will dry-hump furniture if not presented with sex in a timely who are these guys who need to be persuaded?????

fiat lux said...

It's the planet where everything needs to be tied to sex to make it "sell".

lame lame lame.

As if Thanksgiving needs more selling anyway. All it needs is more food!

Tags said...

When I saw the words

Stuff This Into Your Turkey

and saw pictures of sperm

that's when I started to get squeamish.

Thank God it was just raw oysters.