Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hungry Children

Be glad that you like to cook and eat and don't make yourself neurotic about any of it. Some people are not so lucky.

"Alright! I'm at the end of day 9 of my 10 day Master Cleanse. It wasn't all that difficult. Although, there were times that I just wanted to eat something for the sake of chewing."


"I am so happy!
I dident eat all day!
(my stomach hurts like $hit)
but thats besides the point!
I am so happy lol"


"1 sweet n salty granola bar - 170 cals10 pretzels - 110 cals
half a banana - 40 cals
cheese cubes - 120 cals
Total cals for the day : 440 cals intake"


This stuff is scary.



GG Mora said...

Wow. I read about 5 of those posts and I just feel terribly sad for those girls.

Tomorrow I shall give thanks, among other things, for my size 12 frame and my relatively uncomplicated relationship with food.

Sean said...

Indeed, it's hard for people who have never experienced that sort of anxiety over food to understand the incredible grip it can have on one's psyche. I've struggled off and on with food related issues for a couple of years and they tend to emerge when I'm at my lowest moments, exacerbating my already troubled state of mind. I only hope these people find real treatment, and soon, before they do irreparable harm to themselves and their loved ones.