Friday, November 2, 2007

Dope Bagles

So my buddy Tags, knowing how much I pine after the bagels I used to get when the Lower East Side of New York was the home of Eastern European food and culture in the New World, thought he could assuage my nostalgic pining with some (now dig this) bagels from Philadelphia!

Tags, I said, you must be off your medication. But WTF, if it makes you feel better, I'll try them.

So when did they start making bagels with crow?

Seriously these bagels are not quite as good as those rubber wagon wheels we used to eat back in the day but they are damned close. The chew on these bagels is wonderful. There's not dough conditioner or sugar to soften them up. The flour is hi-gluten and they seem to have been fermented longer than usual because they have a serious yeasty bouquet.

BTW, I have never believed any of that crap about bagels in NYC being the best because somehow the water is special and I believe that these bagels, which can hold there own against any bagels from any of the 5 boroughs, prove me right. Not that I need much proof.

When I was teaching at the CIA I ran some tests with my class. We made bagels with water from 5 different cities and the only ones that were inferior were made with water that was so heavily chlorinated that it smell like a public swimming pool. Unless the water is totally funky the quality of a bagel or any fermented bread depends more on technique and the type of flour used than water quality.

Here's a sexy shot of the same bagels posed next to a rock that I picked up on a collecting trip in the Devonian of Pa. The brownish fossil in the lower left hand corner of the shale is part of a trilobite.

Here's a close up. Pretty hot, no?

So anyone in the Philly area looking for some great bagels can go here:

NY Bagels
7555 Haverford Ave
Philadelphia PA 19151


I'm so nervous that someone is going to find out that this bakery ships the bagels in from to think of way to blame it on Tags if it happens.


Tags said...

I see mojo is back with a vengeance!

Who needs medication with bagels like this?

So, now are you ready to try Pig Daddy's?

Tags said...

Scotty said...

Ok. I need to get back there. And one cannot live on scrapple and eggs at the Reading Terminal Market alone!

blondee47 said...

Oh get real...Montreal is the only place to eat bagel...OMG dude, even the french canadians can't swallow a bagel from les etates unis
btw our lox smokes too!

Dan said...

I see we're on the same page about this- my second post was on the exact same topic.