Wednesday, October 3, 2007

TV Chefs, Far From Reality ... Duh!

I'd love to have Frank Bruni's job so that I could get paid to write lines like these

But the celebrity chefs who do cameos on the “Top Chef” judging panel, greeted by awe-struck stares from those contestants, recall the actors and actresses in the tic-tac-toe boxes of “The Hollywood Squares.” They’re transmitting their fungible star wattage, and they’re a long way from their supposed day jobs.

I'm not suggesting that I'm a better writer. (I am not.) And know I would not be happy writing restaurant reviews, but I absolutely covet his job of telling everyone what they already know.

TV Chefs, Far From Reality - New York Times


Scotty Harris said...

I considered posting on Bruni's article as well (instead I brought up simultaneous blogasms)but I had a slightly different take. I don't really think everyone knows this. Bourdain's obscenity laced screeds are wonderful, but how many people do they reach?

To my knowledge this is one of the first major players in the food world to address the devolution of TVFN from an information source about food and cooking into a showcase for pecs and good teeth.

kristin said...

No kidding. So what Bruni is pointing out is the obvious diluting of chef's who cook and have say one restaraunt vs. those chef's who are and have become personalities with mulitple restaraunts, cookbooks etc. It's the American way, become successful and do everything you can to continue that success.

blondee47 said...

I actually don't know what that statement he saying that the panel are full of 'those above the age of 50, which is when the original Hollywood Squares I remember was aired and used to watch after school or the one when Whoopi Goldberg owned it which then would make the judging panel about what age?

Please explain what this means

Tags said...

Elucidating the obvious, so it'll also be clear.

kristin said...

Yes Tags,
obvously Bruni is the only one to whom it is so obvious so therefore he must spell it out for all us lesser minnons. *rolls eyes*