Tuesday, October 9, 2007

News Snack

Time magazine publishes a list of the 100 best TV shows of all time and not one show from the Food Network makes the cut? WTF? If this is not an example of MSM bias against counter-cultural entertainment I cannot imagine what is (sic) Complete List - The 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME - TIME

Charlie Trotter, Ferran Adria, Chicago, Molecular Gastronomy, iPod nano in a conch shell. Isn't life just wonderful? The Night Chicago Ruled the (Foodie) World - TIME

Seriously now. The iPod in the conch shell was created by Heston Blumenthal. The conceit of the creation is the idea that listening to certain sounds while eating can enhance ones perception of the dish. The iPod that accompanied Heston Blumenthal's dish of various seafood ingredients (and yes, sigh, clam foam) is reported to have played the sounds of waves crashing on the beach. Forgetting for the moment that the idea that crashing waves can make seafood taste better is not exactly news (Everyone knows that seafood tastes better at the seashore.)
there is something about this dish that is worth remembering: it is a baby-step towards virtual reality dining.

Dining that is enhanced by information based technology for groups of customers is already in the dining room in the form of computer-controlled lighting and music. But it's going to become much more sophisticated and specifically targeted at individuals diners. Expect to see dining tables that display menu items at first in 2D, and then holographically. Forget iPods, targeted sound and olfactory beams will deliver specific sounds and smells for each course to each dinner.

Eventually, implanted nanomachines will upload information about how you are feeling and what you want to the kitchen. Then chefs, using nanobots and a bowl of chemicals, will create an ambiance, wait staff and food that will give you precisely what they think you would enjoy. But I wouldn't book a reservation too far in advance of that.


GG Morah said...

Re: TV. That list is seriously flawed by its omission of News Radio but redeemed by its inclusion of Larry Sanders.

Tags said...

Wish I could remember who said it first, but I've made it my own.

"One way to know if a trend has run its course is if it's featured in Time magazine."

We're going to miss you, TV and MG.

Scotty said...

Newsweek doesn't share that prejudice. I just got the mail and Rachael Ray is on the cover. Yeesh!

At least the new issue of Restaurant Hospitality, which came in the same batch, has Murimoto on the cover.

blondee47 said...

I would tend to think that Chefs do not see themselves as actors and are not in the 'entertainment industry' except if u include reality television which is a relatively new phenomenon and cannot yet be included in any 'the best of all time' television show list yet...chefs, cooks,food bloggers and authors, for the most part, I believe, consider themselves professionals who are what they do, rather than most other professionals, actors included, that don't equate what they do with who they are-no chef, as I have come to believe, ever refers to what they do as just a job without incorporating who they are: so when a list of best television shows pops up on the Times and no food network show is included, well it is probably considered among shows that air on fine living or hgtv which composite another entity other than plain old-fashioned television shows: drama, sit-com, comedy etc etc...comedy now that's something you never see in a "food show" - a chef that can actually laugh at her/himself! even a guest judge?!