Monday, October 8, 2007

News Snack

Iran to produce 50t caviar by 2012 (Provided that we don't bomb them into oblivion first.)

Deep Throat Gambit Succeeds: Foie Gras is Banned
The tied up woman with the tube in her throat and her friends have apparently succeeded in getting the York (GB) city council to ban the sale of foie gras. However, if statements made by ban proponents like city councilman Paul Blanchard are any indication of the scope of the impending ban, large animals like the woman in the photo may still have reason to worry.

According to this meat trade publication councilman Blanchard is reported to have said

"The torture of small innocent animals should not be a matter of personal dietary choice."

State turns dead deer into compost (The dark side of sustainable agriculture.)


Scotty said...

That is a depressing way to start a Holiday. The animal rights people seem to be using an awful lot of sex as a selling point. I just blogged about the naked Alicia Silverstone PETA ad.

Tags said...

Augustine's routine now goes something like this: load of chips, deer carcass, a few pages from one of councilamn Blanchard's speeches, load of chips, black bear carcass, more chips, a few pages from one of councilamn Blanchard's speeches, another deer.

And how much suffering will be averted by PETA? None. They'd rather showboat with a phony issue than try to tilt at the Smithfield-Tyson-Cargill windmill that causes the real suffering.

If only they'd let that girl simulate cramps to remind folks of the cramped quarters the livestock that really suffer are subjected to.

Instead they simulate Gramps and his tall tales.

The Foodist said...

Shows what a little S&M display in public places will get you!...