Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ever feel born too old too late?

If you could make stuff like this up, you probably wouldn't. A farmer in Ohio accused of "euthanizing" pigs by hanging is defended by a vet who deems the practice humane. The farmer defends his actions by claiming that his employees cannot shoot the pigs because they are all convicted felons and therefore not allowed to hold or discharge firearms. Furore in Ohio over cruelty to pigs

Top Chef, Iron Chef, Next Iron Chef, Traveling Omnivorous Chefs, Chef-bots who scream about their genitals to cute-as-a-button mushroom Katie Couric-type little sister chefs who can't cook, but who are so inspiring in their cuteness that fans throw flowers at their feet for teaching them how to mix mac and cheese with sloppy joe mix. And now someday-will-be-dying chefs who want to tell us what they would like for their last meal. (Ironically, no one specifies that a meal be liquefied so that it can be delivered through a feeding tube.)


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Circus Boy said...

Speaking of last meals, here's a site that has a pretty interesting take on it all....http://www.deadmaneating.com
I first heard about this on KCRW's Good Food podcast, interesting.