Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dope Puck

I think I like Wofgang Puck again, if only a little. Check this out

Interviewer: So what do you think of food TV?

Puck: It's going in a way now where it's more like housewife cooking than professional cooking. When I did it four or five years ago, they said, "We don't want celebrities; we just want to teach people to be in the kitchen and show them how to cook." . . . [These days, the hosts] get a push-up bra and show a little cleavage and wear a tight sweater, and they think it's sexy housewife cooking. [Washington Post]

Sexy housewife cooking! Hear that Bobby?

And this is flat out hysterical. Read why he refuses to eat foie gras

Interviewer: Do you still eat foie gras?

Puck: I haven't eaten it in six or eight months. And you know what? I didn't want it anymore anyway. Everywhere I go, people know me and I know them, and the chef says, I make you a menu. And everyone has foie gras. And once I eat the foie gras I can't eat any more; it's so rich. So I actually told people I'm allergic to foie gras, because I'd rather have fish or pasta and not these rich things. [Washington Post]

After all that noise from HSUS and Pucks' publicists about how he is giving up foie gras because it is produced via inhumane farming practices he says he doesn't eat because it is too rich. He's too much the Puck!


The Foodist said...

classic...thanks I needed a good laugh this morning

Tags said...

Not so much peckish as puckish with the foie gras.