Monday, September 10, 2007

Voting with my fork

Here's what I had for dinner last night at a local restaurant. The menu speaks for itself.

Smoked Salmon and Foie Gras Beggars Purse

Butternut Squash and Granny Smith Apple Soup with Foie Gras Cream

Gewurztraminer Poached Foie Gras with Gewurztraminer Jelly, Brioche Toast

Butter Poached Lobster with sautéed Foie Gras on Corn and Andouille Hash
with Sweet Corn Emulsion

Magret Duck Breast with Foie Gras and Shiitake Pot Stickers, Port sauce and Asian Pear Salad

Champagne Melon Fruit Soup with Strawberry Sorbet


Thomas said...

That looks amazing!! any more foie and you may start quacking!!

The Foodist said...

Want some Foie gras with your Foie Gras?

Crazy Raven Productions said...

Hey! You birds over there! I give YOU The Bird!!! Ha ha!!!

Sounds nummy. :)

Bob del Grosso said...

This meal was very good but not something that I'd recommend unless you were trying (as I was) to make a statement and provoke yourself into thinking deeply about an ingredient.

I've done much the same from the other side of the the dining room wall and the result was very similar: exhausting. But it was worth it and I'm glad I did it.

Ed Bruske said...

more cow bell?

Robert said...

Wow that sounds like a damn good meal!