Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hungry for a Dead Soul

Jimi (Buster) Hendrix, a true hunger artist, died on September 18th , 1970 . How TF can I ever forget?

I'd just gone to see him for what was suppose to be the first time in July at Randall's Island. Unfortunately, I had to leave BEFORE he went on. See, I was only 15 and had a 2AM curfew. And there was no way I could pull my usual routine of just not going home and telling my parents I took the wrong train and ended up in Montauk or wherever, because they came to pick me up. (Think they were on to me?)

Hendrix was supposed to go on at 11PM but according to my SOB friends who stayed, he did not show until 4 O' clock in the morning. So while my friends were enjoying having their ear lobes removed by songs like "All Along the Watchtower" and "The Star Spangled Banner" I was in bed on Long Island tearing my pillow to shreds. Two months later he was dead.

But am I really bitter?

Yeah, hell right I am. But truthfully, I'm more sad that he died.

And I take some solace in the fact that my wife saw him twice (Once with the Experience at Madison Square Garden and again on New Years Eve at The Fillmore East with Band of Gypsies) albeit a solace aggravated by extreme envy.

Sigh, I miss you Buster. Rest in Peace or wherever. I'll be thinking of you when I visit Hendricks Dairy.


Tags said...

Don't get mad

raoul duke said...

Saw Jimi x2, once at the Monterey Pop Fest, and again at the Kaiser Dome in San Bernardino (Berdoo). Thank's to the drug purity in the sixties, I survived. Now we listen to Jimi when I make chile rellanos and drink Modelo.