Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I was doing a little research ahead of a trip to Hendricks Dairy to buy raw cream to fuel my butter making fugue and discovered that they use a robotic milking machine . My first thought was something on the order of "Gee, I wonder how this will play in the anti-factory farming community?" But on closer inspection decided that it should not trouble anyone other than vegans (who'd be against using cows for milk anyway) and those who might think that energy consumed by lead to an uptick in the production of greenhouse gases.

On it's face the Lely Astronaut 3 Robotic Milking System looks like a pretty good deal for the cows and the farmers. The farmer is relived of the tedium of milking while the cows get to choose when and how they are milked.

Warning: Not for viewing at work unless you are udderly sure you won't be ridiculed by your colleagues for being a demented food nerd.


Tags said...

I'd hate to see what they're doing around the corner, where the fudge is made.

The Foodist said...

wow... dare I say Im kind of impressed. Its neat stuff for sure, and the cow looked as though it had no reservations about entering or leaving the stall...

Now if they could only invent a machine that brushes my teeth, clothes me, and showers me while I still slept.. I would buy it in a heartbeat!

oh George Jetson..why wont you share that wonderful knowledge with us!