Thursday, September 13, 2007

Restaurant Vandal Arrested

From the look of this smug shot, Joshua Rosenberg, who is accused of writing the words "Spit Out" in acid on the windows of Restaurant Jezebel in Austin Texas , doesn't look like he's worried about much. But then, I suppose he thinks he's being accused of doing god's work by trying to terrorize people into not serving duck liver.

Animal rights activist arrested on vandalism charges


Thomas said...

What a tool, they should make him work on a pork or beef factory farm so he can see and maybe be inspired to try to fight a real atrocity.

Bob del Grosso said...

my guess is that he's sensitive to this and that it would not make a difference. all methods of dispatch being as humane as possible there is nothing that goes on in any slaughterhouse that is meaningful worse to someone like this than what happens in a duck slaughterhouse.

Thomas said...

Fair enough, his face just makes me angry! My apologies.