Saturday, September 1, 2007

News Snack

Global eel population slip-sliding away

Busted Poaching Turtle Eggs
For food, I presume.

Scorpion wine
Kicking rice wine up a notch in Laos. BAM! (OMG, Bam! indeed. I watched Emeril make mac and cheese last night. The schmeg looked like it was liaised with wallpaper paste. Then he puts it into ramekins, goop smeared on the sides, and says something like "if you want to kick it up a notch add in some mushrooms" and "You're coming to my house for dinner and I'm puttin in some lobster, okay?" Oh dear god.)

Biologists decipher the DNA of a line of grapevines derived from pinot noir
Don't get too excited, none of the genes code for an aphrodisiac.

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Tags said...

My sister says his show has a nine year waiting list. Before that, I thought she said seven, and it blew me away. They must really believe he's going to bring lobster to their houses.

And doesn't he look like his name should be Mario?