Friday, September 21, 2007

My Refrigerator Door

The moment you have all been waiting for: The contents of my refrigerator door! Beginning with the top shelf

1) Unsalted commercial butter, Salted butter made by me

2) Chrystal Hot Sauce, Pickled Ginger, Bread & Butter Pickles, Raspberry Jam, Wasabi Mustard (Yuck!), Doma Coffee Guatemala Trapichitos (Fabulous!)

3) Tabasco, Ukranian mustard (Hot! A nose-bleeder), Horseradish, Hellman's Lite Mayo, Hero Blackcurrant preserves, Peach Butter (yuck!)

4) Gulden's Mustard, Ketchup, Grape Jelly

5) Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin 1985 (champagne),

A 12 year-old jar of confit d'oie (preserved goose) that I made for a friend in 1995 but who died before I could give it to him. I can't bear to eat it.

Pellegrino water

I decided to leave the vacuum cleaner in the background to intensify the aura of domesticity that surrounds this scene. Nah, I was just too lazy to remove it. But it works, no?


Scotty said...

Ooohhh! it's perfect Bob, do we all get to share? I have two - one in the kitchen one in the basement.

Scotty said...

PS: I noticed neither foie gras nor osetra caviar in you larder. Isn't that required of a cook ;-)

Jennie/Tikka said...

Lol! Ok, 2 can play at this game:

Bottom right door of my fridge: wine storage. 5 bottles, various stages of use (an open bottle of an '04 Isosceles - open, an '03 Far Niente chard - not open, and an '03 Sancerre - open).

Next shelf up: Dedicated solely to Ponzu and soy sauces.

Sneak preview: Interior of the fridge contains emergency Ganache...never know when you'll need a truffle!!

Jennie/Tikka said...

Additional Asian ingredients always on hand:

Mirin (large amounts), rice vinegars, Sriracha (Vietnamese) chili sauce, miso paste, won ton skins, Chinese five-spice, curry paste, coconut milk.

Freezer constantly contains:

-Frozen rendered duck fat
- Frozen veal/duck demi-glace.
-Sheets of puff pastry
-Filo dough
-Vodka for company
-Ice cream maker...ready to use

Tags said...

You know, if you subscribed to Consumer Reports, you'd know to get the Kenmore vacuum, now at Sears AND Kmart.

Bob del Grosso said...

You refrigerator sounds like a newlywed's refrigerator.

It is a Kenmore. My wife speced it out when she had a subscription to Consumer Reports. It ain't as great as they say it is. Trust me.

Tags said...

You coulda told me before I spent $250 Canadian on a new Kenmore vacuum. Actually, it was American money, but I heard on KYW that the Canadian dollar has caught up with the US dollar.

I dunno, it looks like a Eureka to me. Damn these glasses!

Jin said...

You shouldn't store coffee in the refrigerator. See, for example

Jennie/Tikka said...

BdG - its more a case of having a mother-in-law who's already a trained cook. My spouse has the palette of a Michelin food critic thanks to his mom's cooking and I've got to stay competitive!!

Bob del Grosso said...

Like 3 minutes after I posted that Terry Patano (the owner of Doma) wrote and told me the same thing. The funny thing is that I don't store in the refrigerator I only put it there to to plug Terry's coffee!

Go figger.

Tags said...

Fridge, freezer, or al fresco, Alton Brown says the most important element in coffee storage is a vacuum seal, like in those food saver bags.

Has anyone tried sous vide coffee yet? I hear the best iced coffee is cold-brewed.

Bob del Grosso said...

Screw Alton Brown's advice

I usually store my coffee in air displacement vessel. Here's how it works: after placing the coffee in the jar, I pump in argon gas which displaces the air and, because it is completely inert, essentally stops oxidation of the oils in the beans.

And if you believe this, I invite you to invest in a hedge fund I'm putting together tomorrow :-)

Tags said...

I didn't realize hedges were so expensive you need a fund just to keep up with them.

And I know you're kidding about the argon gas - everybody knows you're supposed to use nitrogen. Or is it nitrous?

GG Mora said...

I had duck confit in my fridge for over 6 years. It was weird...the longer it sat there, the harder it was for me to think about using it. Finally, a friend and I conspired to do a massive cassoulet and I offered up the confit. The fat was ever so slightly oxidized-tasting but the duck itself was sublime.

Just curious...why “yuck” about the peach butter? Yuck to peach butter in general, or yuck to this one in particular? Cuz I make a stellar sun-cooked peach butter; tastes like peaches.

Bob del Grosso said...

GG Mora

The peach butter on my door could be made from pumpkin for all it tastes like peaches (sic). And it's so loaded with clove and cinnamon that you could use it as anesthetic.

I've nothing against the genre, but this one is awful! My guess is that I'll have it for at least ten years.

Deborah Dowd said...

Lovely fridge, and your vacuum in the background makes you seem like a real person. I put my vote in for Dyson- I have one and I love it! (If you could only use it to clean the fridge!)

yaslind said...

I happen to adore my Consumer Reports highly rated Kenmore vacuum.

Tags said...

I like mine, too, but I could use a telescoping wand and a handle that's a little less like a gas station pump handle.

It also sometimes doesn't start right away and you have to unplug and replug the hose into the canister.

If that doesn't work, I have to check all the places that the power nozzle cord connects and make sure they are secure, because the vacuum won't turn on if it isn't secure.

Just because something's rated the best out there doesn't mean it's all that great.

Jennie/Tikka said...

I've got a Dyson..because I have 2 large dogs and a cat (who live solely for the purpose of depositing fur all over my home).

P.S. My freezer always contains a treasure-trove of various frozen stocks, as well as frozen goat cheese.

Tags said...


What is that little red and white contraption behind the gap between the door and the fridge?

french tart said...

again, i am pleasantly surprised (and pleased) that you have regular ol' junk in your fridge, the same as the rest of us plebs. :)

IdahoRocks said...

That is one clean fridge door, and so empty! I've got everything there: mustards, vinegars, salad dressing (homemade of course), wine, juices, capers, nut oils, etc. And they're all used so frequently that I'd have to constantly clean in order for it to sparkle like yours!

But, the confit d'oie, well, I've lost so many loved ones, that I suggest you use it or get rid of it. I cannot believe that your friend would want you to be enshrined as confit in the fridge, or, maybe, I'm completely ignorant, and that person would get a real kick out of it, so keep it forever. But isn't the confit, now, really only for you? So enjoy, or make more....I say this because I love celebrating my friends,including those who have departed in body but never in spirit....

Bob del Grosso said...

Now I know you are a newlywed

It's an Illy espresso machine

French Tart
The kids tend to run the "gourmet" food indicator needle into the red. There's nothing to be done about it, and really I don't care to do anything about :-)

Good advice. When my friend died there was a big celebration and it was pretty cool. But that jar of confit depresses me, I should just throw it out, but I like being depressed when I see it.

I'm Italian remember....

IdahoRocks said...

Hey, I'm Italian grandma, Santa Cecilia Caglione....and me, I would have eaten the confit...but I'm also an anthropologist and I'm more into celebrating the life that was (by eating the confit while crying at the same time) rather than wallowing in my own depression.... Maybe it's a regional Italian thing....