Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Got Raw Milk

So I just got back from an expedition to try to locate raw heavy cream to make butter. That part of the mission was a failure but I did manage to score a fabulous half gallon of raw cow's milk.

It's not homogenized so it needed to be shaken to disperse the cream and the flavor could not be more different from the pasteurized variety. When I tasted it alongside regular homo the pasteurized stuff tasted like skim milk.

Of course I have had raw milk many times before. But I'm not much of milk drinker so I haven't bothered to seek it out and probably won't buy it regularly. But man, is it ever good. I know if I was cooking professionally I'd be buying this to make custards and ice cream.

For those of you who are raw milk fanatics (I know there are a lot of you) and need a source for milk produced by someone with a license, you can get this wonderful stuff from

Dan B. Messener
Bethany Farm
71 Fariview Road
Glenmoore, Pa 19343

Ph: 610-942-3996

Mr. Messner also sells raw goat's milk, free range eggs, organic produce and meat. FYI, the milk was $3.00.


Jennie/Tikka said...

Well now you've got me wondering if there's anywhere on the West Coast for raw dairy prod's. I may have to pay the L.A. County Fair a visit and start chatting up the farmers.....

Tags said...


When you wanna go to Hendrick's?


GG Mora said...

Must be Raw Milk Day or something. I gots me 2 gallons of raw sheep's milk today, for making dulce de leche,