Monday, September 3, 2007

Celbrity chef EVOO-lution (gag)

Victorino Matus answers the big questions in this very readable article, "Bam! Making sense of America's celebrity-chef culture" in The Weekly Standard. Here's a sample of some of the questions to focus your mind before you commit to reading the whole piece

How did we get from Julia Child and Jacques P├ępin to the more than 30 celebchefs now featured at the local bookstore? What was the turning point and who caused it? What of the impact of this celebrity chef culture on future generations of culinary school students? Won't they all want to skip restaurant work and demand their own shows? In short, have we gone completely and irrevocably insane over food and the people who make it?

And don't fail to note how often he quotes our friends Michael Ruhlman and Tony Bourdain.


Scott said...

Forget the relative merits of this article - You made me read The Weekly Standard!

Damn you!

Bob del Grosso said...

Sorry Scott-so, I try to be apolitical in my choice of sources and have even been guilty of using stuff from Fox. I suppose that if I let my politics be known it'd help to bump up my readership with one wing or the other (I'm being cagey here) but I've decided to steer this ship mid-channel.
So damn me indeed :-)!

kristin said...

Its all about too much exposure. Sometimes seeing these celeb chefs on tv and even their likeness in the grocery store is a bit much. I know I get sick of it.
Chefs like Richard and Keller have the right idea. Let the food speak for itself. They don't have to do self promoting ( just the occasional cookbook) for people to know they are out there. The good food earns the praise that brings people in the door.

Scotty said...

Well, having already added my political quip, (Sorry, couldn't resist) I'd like to make two more relevant observations. First, hiding behind the "I am not a chef" tag does not excuse encouraging bad cooking on TV. The greatest TV cook/teacher ever was not a chef either.

Second the article highlights the strengths of the food blogosphere, over the MSM, when it comes to discussions of the conscious de-evolution of TVFN from a entertaining teaching mechanism, to celebrity driven schlock!

PS. I finally figured out hot to change from Scott to my preferred Scotty!