Monday, August 6, 2007 : Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Great to Taste, Easy to Fake

First we learn that truffle oil is nothing more precious than a handful of synthetic chemicals seething in olive oil and now we discover that a good deal of olive oil is more Ex-Virgin than Extra-Virgin. More puta than puro. The sh-ts been around the block so often it's cherry has developed botrytis.

And the kicker is, the thing that I as a 100% second generation Italian-American who has eaten olive oil almost every day of 50 years find personally embarrassing (not really. I'm just flaming a bit) is that a lot of this stuff is made in Italia. Oh the inhumanity of it"

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Great to Taste, Easy to Fake

My thanks travels westward in photons along a fiber optic cable to Fiat Lux for tipping me off to this dark, dark story.


fiat lux said...

You're welcome!

Tags said...

Anyone who has read Luigi Barzini’s “The Italians” can tell you that enforcement has been historically lax in Italy for centuries. All Italian oil should be inspected in Germany - Olivenol mit pradikat.

Jennie/Tikka said...

If the EU can regulate wine quality as strictly as they do, why can't they do the same with olive oil??

Anonymous said...

I found it amazing that commentors, in the article, didn't even consider California olive oil as a substitute. The quality and price are getting hard to beat.