Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Vive la Chef Colette!

In a scathing rebuttal of the ability of actress Catherine Zeta Jones' ability to credibly portray a chef, readers of A Hunger Artist are voting overwhelmingly for a computer generated cartoon character as the actress that they believed is best suited to the role.

Am I surprised? Not at all. Catherine Zeta Jones is lovely but, one senses, has not sweated over a hot stove for a very long time -if ever.
While Colette, well what can I say? Colette gives the impression that she was born with the soul of a chef. She is a wild beast ( a "pirate" in the parlance of the movie Ratatouille) whose love of the line is matched only by her willingness to carve meat and pare vegetables into La Grande Cuisine.
Ms. Jones on the other hand looks to be a one who's principal association with a restaurant lies in the congruence of her backside with the banquette. Vive la Chef Colette!


The Foodist said...

its pretty bad when it takes a computer generated character to come even close to the real deal then an actor can, regards I concur.. viva la Colette

Ed Bruske said...

Recently watched the original, German version of the film. Stunning. The Americans can only srew it up...