Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sad but Seemingly True: Garlic Chocolate Chip Cookies

After teaching a class (Advanced Culinary Principles) that encouraged hundreds of CIA students to explore fundamental cooking techniques in part by switching out common ingredients for analogous substitutes and having some come up with combinations such as chicken fried in 10W30 motor oil, I suppose I should not be shocked by something as comparatively benign as chocolate chip cookies with blanched garlic. But alas, I find myself gagging and more than a little annoyed by this offering at Accidental Hedonist.
Accidental Hedonist - Garlic Chip Cookies

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Tags said...

Crazy as it sounds, once (in the early 80s) I made fried cookies with a chick-pea filling. I used a can of chick peas that contained - you guessed it - garlic. Some brave souls tried them just so they could tell their grandchildren.