Thursday, August 9, 2007

Prius+Fame+Bleeding Heart= PETA Puppet

According to this

[Anaheim Duck Scott] Niedermayer was contacted recently to point-man PETA's foie gras power play after the organization learned he drove a Toyota Prius – a hybrid car – and was very environmentally conscious.

So they asked him to write a slanderous letter to Chicago Alderman John Pope, that accused chefs that serve foie gras of being wealthy (i.e. capitalist pigs who cynically exploit animals for personal gain). As if most chefs don't earn well under the mean salary for professionals with similar hours and years of training...

A Duck's plea: Leave our livers alone


Robert said...

just more and more proof that PETA is peice of shit organization and no one should support what they do.

Anonymous said...

This Guy (insert your name for him)gives driving a Prius a bad name. Let PETA stop me while I'm driving my Prius, for an endorsement, and I'll be kicking some serious ass and takin' names!