Saturday, August 11, 2007

Odering! 10 Million Dollars, Hold the cheese

So a guy orders two quarter-pounders from a McDonald's in Star City, Va and tells them to hold the cheese because he is allergic to cheese. They don't hold the cheese, he takes a bite and goes into anaphylactic shock, survives and sues for 10 million dollars.

I'm of two minds on this sort of thing. In one mind I think the guy should have opened the burger and checked to make sure that there was no cheese before he bit the thing. He's an adult (early 20's) and should know better. But my other mind, the one that has a close relative with serious allergy to peanuts that could express itself in exactly the same way says, teach McDonald's a lesson. No cheese, should mean no cheese.

Charleston Daily Mail

Star City, SC has been changed to Star City, Va thanks to a gentle chiding from a proud citizen of SC named surprisingly, CarolinaGirl. Who'da thunk she's from SC?


sfchin said...

I'm definitely more in the "check your food before you eat it" camp. If I had a food allergy that would send me into anaphylaxis, you can bet I would be damn well sure that nothing I ate had that ingredient.

Suing McDonald's for all the money in the world is still not going to ensure that every high school kid flipping burgers remembers to hold the cheese.

CarolinaGirl said...

As per usual, I agree. Personal responsibility is key, but as the owner of a business that caters to allergic indviduals (peanut, treenut, and egg-free cakes and cookes)it is the attention we pay to what the customer requests that keeps them coming back and trusting us. Food allergies are scary stuff, but the staff's inattention to the order is almost par for the course. I check the bag when I leave the fast food joint because I am too lazy to go back later if it is wrong.Yes, lazy I admit it.If I don't check, my bad, I just live with it. As allergies become more common, it is cases like this that should make the industry more allergy aware. I know it is frustrating to tweak every dish for every other patron, but a live, satisfied customer will come back again and again, not sue.

Sidebar, thanks for the shout out to SC, but you have the wrong Charleston, this McD's is in West By God Virginia. :)

Robert said...

Yup I got to agree with ya Bob they are both at falt really.

fiat lux said...

I have a nut allergy -- fortunately, I don't go into anaphylaxis, but the effects are still annoying. I am careful to buy products without nuts, but when I'm ordering in a restaurant, I have to trust the front of house staff to know the menu well enough to be able to tell me if there's nuts in a dish, and trust the kitchen to make sure it stays that way. Since it's easier to "hide" nuts until it's too late, getting it right is really critical.

With the cheese guy, it's a little easier to muddy the waters, because cheese on top of a burger is really easy to see, but overall, McDonald's is at fault here. Getting "No cheese" right is NOT too much to ask of a burger joint.

Don Luis said...
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Don Luis said...

I'm having a little trouble believing that people expect attentive, careful cooking at any fast food joint. Their entire mission is to serve cheap crap at as high a profit as they can. By the way, that vaguely cheese-like stuff is not cheese.

I had no idea that McDonalds even had a "front of the house."