Tuesday, August 7, 2007

NPR : Olive Oil Fraud Rampant as Demand Skyrockets

I may be an American wop, but I'm not so wedded to the USA or Italia so much that I feel constrained to ignore bad food from one place or the other. In the present instance is a story about how the Italian government is letting some of it's citizens rip us off by playing on our desire to eat virgin olive oil.

Be careful what you ask for, someone may give it to you without bothering to make sure that it's what you asked for.

NPR : Olive Oil Fraud Rampant as Demand Skyrockets

My thanks to Don Luis for the link to this podcast.


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Anonymous said...

The California Olive Oil Council www.cooc.com maintains the highest stndards in the world for extra virgin olive oil certification. A non-profit trade and marketing group, the COOC has a mandatory certification program for all member producers. Members must submit theri oil every year and the seal is dated. We encourage consumers to look to the high standards of California produced evoo where there is a guarantee of authenticity and quality.

veron said...

I just heard this on NPR too. I get my Olive oil from Formaggio's Kitchen and I've been happy with it.

Bob del Grosso said...

While I do not doubt that the COCC does a great job of assuring the authenticity of olive oil produced in California, your use of the term evoo is disconcerting. And I fear that if you continue to use it to refer to your fair oil, things will not go well for the olive groves of California. :-)