Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Refrigerator

I got a new digital camera (Nikon D40 SLR) yesterday and I'm already resigned to the fact that it's going to be a while before my photos look much better than what I used to shoot with my 6 year old 2 megapixel point and shoot. Case in point: this shot of my kitchen refrigerator (I've got another in the garage) where the image is so lousy that you can hardly make out how dirty it is and what's inside. For the record there is no foie gras and it contains mostly

Top shelf (l-r)
Instant yeast, 2% and whole milk, maple syrup, mixed cured olives, glazed ginger

2nd Shelf
sliced tomatoes with basil and vinaigrette (probably compost to be) , homemade butter, pancake batter, leftover spaghetti di filetto di pomodoro and rigatoni with broccoli rabe and sausage,
tomato sauce, julienned loin of pork with ginger

3rd Shelf
half a red onion, Smart Balance fake butter, roast chicken, chicken stock, roasted onion stock,

1st Drawer

pancetta, Gorgonzola piccante, Canadian bacon, bacon, unsalted butter, sopressata

4th Shelf

3 ears of corn and Smoked Salmon

Vegetable drawer
Read and yellow peppers, arugula, endive, Boston lettuce,

The Meat drawer is empty

Coming Soon: My refrigerator door


Scott said...

Bob, why am I seemingly always the one to do this? Your photo ain't there it just says [DSC_0011.JPG.]


PS Homemade Canadian Bacon?

Bob del Grosso said...

I'm not sure what you are seeing but the picture is there. And the bacon just reads "Canadian Bacon."

Not sure what the problem is. And please, I don't mind you pointing out mistakes etc at all!

jo said...

Sorry, I only see a broken link that says [DSC_0011.JPG.].
We your grateful public demand to actually SEE your fridge contents.

Jennie/Tikka said...

Oddly enough - I see the fridge pic.....and have to say that my fridge is bigger than your fridge!

blondee47 said...

I don't see it either

blondee47 said...

btw nice camera, it's on my list too...

Don Luis said...

I also see the picture using Linux and Firefox, and it also works with Opera and Galeon. For those of you who don't, you might mention your OS and browser.

I personally have nothing in my refrigerator or freezer: hurricane Dean left us without power for 3 + days, and I had to throw everything out since it reached room temperature (which here is 85 F).

redman said...

not getting picture either, tried firefox and ie, making me curious!

Christine said...

No picture in Safari or Firefox on a Mac. Can't wait to see the frig!

Scott said...

I don't have a clue why, but I have used both Firefox 2 and IE7 in both Windows XP and Vista (Damn you for Vista Bill Gates!). Still no joy on the photo.

The Canadien Bacon question was because since the streamlined recipe that Ruhlman/Polcyn gave in Charcuterie, I make my own whenever pork loins are on sale.

Don Luis said...

Curious, I just tried on the much-hated Windows XP with both IE and Firefox, and both showed the picture.

Tags said...

I can't see your fridge, but take your time. Until I do, I'll just stare at that picture of Sophia Loren.

french tart said...

i, for one, find it very refreshing that you buy normal groceries just like i do. i'm always put off when i read a food blog written by what i thought was a normal eatin' person and then they go and ruin it for me by announcing to no one in particular that they have never bought a jar of commercial mayo or a can of tomato sauce (i'm all for eating gourmet, but c'mon! a jar of hellman's never did anyone wrong).

simon said...

Is this with the kit lens? Yeah, an SLR requires a bit of a learning curve. I made the mistake of buying mine (Canon 350D) while on vacation in China, let's just say that my vacation pictures aren't too hot, at least compared to what I do now...

Pic shows up fine around here, but not in the RSS feed though...

Bob del Grosso said...

Yeah, it's the kit lens. I know I've got to get a macro.

French Tart

I think a many of the media based foodies lie about what they have in their homes to promote envy and the illusion that they are living an "ideal" life. I'll bet even Martha Stewart has a jar of Hellman's or Miracle Whip stashed somewhere.

You really don't want to get into it with me about who's this is bigger than who's that now do you?
:-) :-):-0