Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Monster Romanian Pig Roast

I'm not sure what is more remarkable here. A sad story about an outbreak of swine fever in Romania that results in the slaughter and incineration of 20,000 pigs or the revelation (to me at least) that Smithfield Farms is producing pork in Romania. I wonder if Smithfield snoutpiece Paula Deen knows this? Paula? Paula? Are you listening?



kristin said...

Let's hear it for comercial farming!! woohoo!

Another great example of mass production going so horribly wrong. (For another BRILLANT example look up Buckeye Egg Farm.)

Bob del Grosso said...

Don't we almost know you?

kristin said...

er, do you? Not sure what you mean? btw, you know I am being completely faceious right? ( think I spelled it right.)