Saturday, August 25, 2007

Monkey Raiders say 'Eat This'

As if it isn't bad enough that a gang of ververt monkeys has been looting the crops of the central Kenyan village of Nachu, they are acting like a bunch of 9th grade boys who have just discovered that the back door of the girl's locker room is unlocked.

"[But] the monkeys can tell the difference [between women and men]and they don't run away from us and point at our breasts. They just ignore us and continue to steal the crops."

'In addition to stealing their crops, the monkeys also make sexually explicit gestures at the women, they claim.'

The monkeys grab their[own] breasts, and gesture at us while pointing at their private parts. We are afraid that they will sexually harass us,'said Mrs Njeri."

Monkey misery for Kenyan women villagers

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The Foodist said...

only because I cant resist the urge...

"Get your hands of me you damn dirty apes!"