Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Mid Summer Night's Eve

Yesterday I took the family to a summer social at Vollmecke Family Orchard where I occasionally barter my bread for (slamming!) eggs and other stuff produced by farmer Karen Vollmecke and her mother Jan. Although Vollemecke Family Orchard is a Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) farm that provides fabulous organic produce etc. to people who pay a modest fee and agree to take whatever is available, I don't belong to it because, alas, it's too far away for me to drive for regular pick-ups.

Whatever. The crowd was made of of about 1/3 of the sponsors and who brought most of the food and Thank heaven!! beer including this stuff. (On an off note: While I was queuing up at the tap to refill my cup before dashing back to my post at the VEGAN GRILL station (LOL) I has the misfortune of finding myself in the company of several beer fanatics. Wow, was that ever scary. I can't go into details now, but suffice it to say it was a bit like being in a professional cook in a room full of people who don't know how to cook but think they know everything there is to know about cooking. INSUFFERABLY TEDIOUS!!!!! It's fricking beer for god-sakes.)

I did not take any food shots because my camera is a piece of crap that's mostly only good for snapshot type pics. Have a look if you will.

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JunkyPOS said...

You "has" the misfortune???...

...just ribbin' ya there's nice to see mistakes such as that by people such as you.

BTW...nice blog...a good read for sure. I wish I "has" such motivation. ;)