Saturday, August 18, 2007

Man on Fire: Shola Olunloyo

After he left a comment this morning on another post at A Hunger Artist it jolted awake the memory of the thrill of having visited his blog several times over the past couple of months. A Studio Kitchen is a visually stunning record of some of the work of Haute Cuisine chef-for-hire Shola Olunloyo who, I imagine, either lives with a camera taped to his head (Although I admit there's no evidence of that in the photo.) or has an extra set of hands to free up the obviously gifted pair that he uses to create the extraordinary looking dishes he shows on his site.

Of course there is also a good deal of writing on the site, mostly in the form of musings about life and work, human nature, the nature of his-self and so on. It's all very amusing and thought provoking, but I think of special value to serious cooks are the technical tips and some of the more science-oriented assertions. (As regular readers of A Hunger Artist may know I have more than a passing interest in food science and so can say with confidence that Chef Olunloyo appears to take this latter matter pretty seriously.) And forget the photos, they are too beautiful.

So check out A Studio Kitchen, it's fly! (Aren't I so not-gully or whatever?)


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My apologies to Shola -

Working with Thomas Keller and working at The French Laundry are not synonymous.

The source of my misunderstanding -

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If it didn't smell like a fine, ripe cheese I may have taken my foot out of my mouth sooner.