Thursday, August 9, 2007

La Caille Quails over Duck Liver

So the anti-meat police are in Salt Lake City this week cudgeling the credulous with their anti-foie agit-prop. It seems that thus far only one restaurant, La Caille, has caved and dropped foie gras from the menu. Here's an explanation for the move as told by the restaurant's manager

"But after learning about foie gras production, says restaurant manager Laura Horton, "we started thinking about it and it wasn't worth it." Geese, she notes, actually live on the restaurant's premises, "and we couldn't support being mean to their cousins."

Fair enough, who in their right mind could live with themsleves to know that the poor little baby geese outside their window might be upset to see duck liver being cooked by the bad cooks in the kitchen? But read how they used to prepare it to discover the more likely reason they dropped it

"Soaked in orange liqueur and seared with veal juice, the foie gras on La Caille's appetizer menu used to sell for $17.50."

From this admittedly extremely brief explanation, it appears that nobody at La Caille knew how to cook foie gras if they actually think you can sear something in veal juice.

Hold on, veal juice? Never mind that I've never heard of such a thing, but if La Caille doesn't get rid of veal too, their troubles with the meat police are far from over. And let's hope for the manager's sake their are no cows on the premises who might be upset that the wealthy chefs inside are cynically turning their cousins into juice to fill the coffers of their treasuries with gilders.


Robert said...

I wonder if they know they could make soooo much money by bottling and selling veal juice. Mmmm veal juice!!!

Anonymous said...

The head chef at LaCaille is an illegal alien that sells drugs out of the kitchen. I don't think he worries much about veal juice.
And I love the part about how they "just found out how Fois Gras is made" they've been ripping people off at $125.00 per person for years.

Bill said...

The owners of that sewer they call a restaurant are the best cocaine customers that guy has. I suggest everyone to steer clear of this piece of ****.......veal juice or not.

James said...

pretty funny how after 50 years in business this place finally finds out how fois gras is made. another vain attempt at publicity using the old "animal compassion" theme. fact is this place serves up stale food smothered in their famous "veal juice" to unsuspecting tourists for about a hundred bucks a pop. And Bill...I've heard the cocaine rumours for years.