Friday, August 24, 2007

Just Too Peculiar to Overlook

Sorry, I simply could not let this one slip by. This picture from the LiVEJOURNAL page of someone who is opposed to foie gras is about the oddest bit of agitprop I've ever seen. On the left is supposed to be a normal duck liver and to it's right: a lobe of foie gras! Looks more like a the fossilized turd of a Pteranadon I think.
There page also shows this funny picture of ducks that have been debeaked and a some lively prose about rats eating ducks who have died from choking on vomit.


Sean said...

Well if they want to make a more effective point they might try adding a picture of a duck's liver after it has gorged for its yearly migration.

I know you like disparaging the anti-foie activists but they are just a subset of a larger movement, one working against veal crates, battery cage eggs, and for more "humane" slaughter methods. I don't see anything particularly novel about the anti-foie activists. Like most they try to rely on sentimental appeals and leave the hardcore videos and pictures to fellow vegans or vegetarians. Beyond being popular at the moment, I don't see why they deserve your scorn over and above that you might direct at the animal protection movement in general.

Bob del Grosso said...


I'm a chef and this blog is food/cooking-centric so I write about anti-foie propaganda, vandalism etc. because it fits. Moreover, I like to cook and eat foie gras (although I rarely do either these days) don't believe gavage is terrible, and don't want to see the industry destroyed.

So I focus on that for now and leave other to critique the ant-vivisectionists and anti-zoo animal sects and so on.

And I don't believe I have ever directly disparaged any activist (At least I hope I haven't.) but I know I have made many disparaging comments about activist rhetoric, vandalism and legal maneuvering.

By the way, I agree that there is nothing novel about the anti-foie movement, it uses all of the same techniques of the right to life movement.