Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hydrocolloid recipe collection

Are your kids sick and tired of beet caviar? Does your spouse yawn at the sight of yet another row of laser cut spoons bearing quivering orbs of liquid ravioli? Then scoot over to where Martin Lersch has posted a collection of 111 recipes of hydrocolloids for cooks of the molecular gastronomic persuasion. They are fully downloadable as a pdf. file. Pretty damned generous of him I think.

Although my own cooking habits are mostly pretty conventional, I'm a big fan of and love reading it for it's thought provoking discussions of unconventional flavor pairings (White chocolate and caviar anyone?). » Blog Archive » Hydrocolloid recipe collection

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Tags said...

As soon as I saw this, I remembered a candy shop near my house when I was little that sold Turkish Delight in just about every color you could imagine. Imagine my surprise when I found out there wasn't any colloidal collusion, but just an interaction between starch and sugar.

In my research, I did uncover a new (to me) ingredient, however. I'm going to a Greek specialty store to see if I can find some.