Friday, August 17, 2007

How To Make Simple Fast Tomato Sauce

This is something del Grosso has posted on here before, but it is now in a new form and on another blog. He'll be contributing to from today forward. He would like to post more recipes on A Hunger Artist, but feels that the site needs a major upgrade in order to accommodate that kind of content. So for the time being he will remain content to continue to annoy and amuse readers of A Hunger Artist with his myopic focus on the subject of appetite and its objects.

How To Make Simple Fast Tomato Sauce | How To Do

del Grosso also promises to stop writing about himself in the 3rd singular person after he finds a better way to distinguish his writing from his colleague The Foodist.

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The Foodist said...

The Foodist thinks Bob del Grosso should continue to write in the first person.

The Foodist thinks its funny