Friday, August 17, 2007

Fun Stuff 4 A Friday Afternoon a la Andy Singer

We are sure that most women will agree that most- if not all- men have not done a very good job of refining their sense of humor beyond what it was immediately following the first time they laughed at the sound of flatulence or the sight of Moe Howard administering a haircut to Curly with a crosscut saw. But while some might see this as evidence of an atavistic trait for idiocy (located, of course, on the Y chromosome) or the action of a neurologically degenerative prion (such as the one responsible for mad cow disease), A Hunger Artist celebrates it as a gift from the gods or, perhaps, the metaphysical entity that designed this simulation that we refer to as "life on earth" and the bounding universe.

So it is with thanks to whatever the heck it was that prompted the first knucklehead to make the first satirical remark or drawing that we give you the comic art of Andy Singer. Not that we know who he beyond what he's posted at his site along with the comics that you see here.

Our thanks to Gary Allen for the tip off to Andy's site.

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