Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Cats Away

While the boss is away on "Scientific study of sea life on the New Jersey Coast" hes left me in charge of keeping you ravenous dogs fed.

Not really much to report at the moment but I do have stuff to throw out there.

RamsAy may be near his end, Reports Harden's London Restaurants


The AVMA makes offical stance on Foie Gras, and its.... not taking a stance.


JunkyPOS said...

Disclaimer II

Ravenous...makes me crave the "Hog".

Is Jersey known for Hogs?

Meow ;)

realitybites said...

It's Ramsay... with an a. Sorry to be pedantic. But we should spell our hero's names correctly, don't ya think?! :D Well he's my hero anyhow. Hehe. It is a common mistake; I see it all the time. Here is an easy way to remember--a guarantee to never forget. Just picture a big stubborn ram on a mountaintop in Scotland. Now picture this ram making a very loud and obnoxious sound--a yell? What the hell did it say? OK. Ram + say = Ramsay. :)

realitybites said...

Oh the cruel irony... heroes'...