Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cat Food this guy has 37 cats in his freezer and folks are wondering why he put them there? To paraphrase fellow blogger Michael Ruhlman, this only goes to show how far away people have drifted from the elements of cooking. No one who takes a serious interest in cooking would have any doubt why someone would put meat in a freezer. Jeeze.

Chase opens door to pet hoarder's disturbing world


CarolinaGirl said...

One of our neighbors has "hoarding" tendencies. The owners group keeps the numbers in check. Lately she mentioned the antiqueness of her freezer, If I see SPCA parked out here and a fridge repair guy, I will probably crap myself.
BTW where the hell was the vet office? He drove for several miles.

Tags said...

There's a Mrs. Teague? Or, more importantly, there's STILL a Mrs. Teague? Having a separate residence may partially account for that, but that's true love to stand by your man when he's knee deep in cats.

No, I'm not laughing.