Monday, August 20, 2007

Bears Eat Man at Beer Festival

In Franz Kafka's story "A Hunger Artist" the hunger artist is a caged man whose art is starvation. Was the unfortunate Serbian found naked and partially eaten in a cage inhabited by hungry bears a Kafka fan eager to learn the bears' art?
I'm sure we will never know.
Bears eat man at beer festival -


Jennie/Tikka said...

Actually, what happened was that in true Kafka-esque fashion he believed that when he stripped himself bare, he become a bear, and thus felt compelled to cuddle up with his new family.

The bears misunderstood his gesture and saw it merely as a drunken idiot offering himself for dinner.

Animals are prone to misunderstanding (as I am prone to sarcasm).

Gary Allen said...

So, in a sense, he really DID become a bear -- he neatly converted his protein into bear protein.