Thursday, August 2, 2007

Adria Goes For the Fast Food Peso

There's no condescension implied in the title of this post (The only implication you should draw is that the author suffers from a paucity of imaginative ways to represent reality in symbolic language.) Ferran Adria has opened 3 fast food restaurants: 2 in Madrid and 1 in Santiago, Chile.

The food looks pretty conventional. I did not see any aerosolized spaghetti or algalized (sic) fruit juice on the menu. Here is a press release from the Fast Good website

Fast Good, created by NH Hotels and Ferrán Adriá, proposes to offer a quality fast food service in order to satisfy the demands of the modern client who has little time to eat but who isn’t willing to compromise his or her health or the quality of the food.

That’s how this idea emerged, aided by a strong brand name, which is something in between a traditional and a fast-food restaurant. It works by adding gourmet ingredients to traditional fast-food menu items.

It aims for an innovative and avant-garde design to make Fast Good more appealing. Customers are also offered a wide range of sophisticated services within the locale (Self-service cold dish buffet and hot dishes served to your table, audiovisual equipment, etc.)

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