Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Xenophobia at heart of product panic in US

Who's panicking? Anyone panicking about food imports from China? I just looked out my window, saw no one panicking about Chinese imports and took this picture to prove it. Not a soul is panicking.

Xenophobia at heart of product panic in US


Tags said...

No one is panicking. But people are concerned when a country that has no standards for exported goods sells us products that not only endanger people, but actually kill them (tires).

Google "China Blue" and see a compelling story of exploitation of ladies and children for profit, just like in pre-child-labor-law USA. Profit is the law there, if there's still room after the corrupt masters have their profits, then maybe they'll consider them.

Jennie/Tikka said...

So we're back to the issue of political correctness again. Damn but that's one damaging philosophy to believe in. There are times in life when it is perfectly okay to realize that something is not okay, and to act accordingly. If we didn't do that, there'd be women staying with abusive men (because it would hurt their feelings to be dumped), people consuming things that are harmful to them, completely predictable disasters of all kinds that out of sheer kindness would be ignored until it was too late.....oh wait, we DO have that going on, don't we?

Call a spade a spade. The fact that the U.S. is likewise guilty of sub-standard production doesn't make China's duplicate issue any less real. Why are we so worried about offending people anyways? Sometimes it is the exact right thing to do, if you want to save yourself and people you love from a trauma you could avoid.

All hail Denis Leary - the antidote to political correctness.

Hey, I'll be just as pissed off if an American company makes me sick as I would a Chinese company. Just point me in the direction of who needs a new one ripped and let me go.

fiat lux said...

If I refused to buy Chinese toothpaste because I didn't want to give my money to "slanty-eyes Reds" then that's bigotry.

Refusing to buy Chinese products because of a laundry list of well-documented problems with ingredient purity, lack of inspection or regulation, and environmental contamination, that is healthy self-preservation.

Anonymous said...

Well, I took a close look at the jpg, and compared it to the jpg you posted when working on the wall, and I can tell you that I see clear indications of panic - the pile of dirt on the rh side is clearly moving away from China....


Sorcha said...

Not getting into the debate because I'm not well-informed enough. Just commenting that I love the view from your window. The view from my window includes the 14 cruddy condos they put onto 5 residential lots. They look like someone stood single-wide trailers up on end and stuck balconies on.