Saturday, July 21, 2007

We're All in Trouble Now

Oh great, Hasbro is recalling one million Easy Bake ovens because of some design flaw that might cause burns. Forgetting for the moment that ovens are supposed to get hot, what are the one million cooks supposed to do while our ovens are being replaced? Eat mass produced cake full of tainted ingredients from China?

This is stone cold wrong. Somebody at Hasbro has to answer for this and pay with jail time. Serious jail time.

Hasbro's toy ovens pose burn risk, recalled - Jul. 19, 2007


CarolinaGirl said...

Again this begs the question "how did we all survive childhood?" I mean really!

tyronebcookin said...

stupid, stupid stupid...stupid.

did i mention stupid? can I sue for millions when i burn myself with an 'oven'?


Bob del Grosso said...

If you burn yourself on one of those ovens I will personally represent you in whatever type of lawsuit you choose to pursue. That's as good as a blood oath, you bet (not).

Carolina Girl
I don't know how to respond. I had an Easy Bake oven back in 1960-whenever. And I knew that light bulb in there was hot so I didn't touch it for longer than it takes a butterfly to blink. And if I had touched it longer, I know my mom and dad would have sucked it up, treated my burn, and moved on. Which is about the way anyone should deal with something like that, I reckon.

The Foodist said...

Omg, this is almost as bad as the Dr.Wierd Food Science Creepy Crawly recall of 1987!!!! , of course that one caused a rash not burns...

they must pay.