Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Vegan Star is Born

The photo at left shows the handiwork of an alleged vegan activist who apparently does not like the fact that foie gras and veal are served at the restaurant Jezebel in Austin, Texas.
If you click it or the terrine below you can see other examples of the art that someone who calls himself Veganstar left on six more restaurants. The same alleged vegan may or may not have been responsible for throwing a brick through the window of another Austin restaurant on Thursday.
It's a bit hard to imagine that a vegetarian has this much bile. I was under the impression bile was secreted by the gall bladder to facilitate the digestion of fat which, in theory at least, should not e very abundant in a vegan diet. Maybe this vegan eats a lot of coconuts.


Tags said...

Another example of how meat deprivation is brain development deprivation. Gotta have more cow beef, babe.

He's got a fever, and the only prescription is more cow beef.

sfchin said...

This guy is a hero. I predict he will singlehandedly end animal suffering. Right before he's elected president.

Anonymous said...

I think sfchin is right. I was going to continue my omnivorous ways again today, but seeing that spraypaint on the restaurants in Texas totally changed my mind.

Now you'll have to excuse me...there's a guy down the block getting ready to mow his lawn and I'm going to have to stop him by yelling "Mowing is murder!" as loud as I can. Wish me luck. I feel so alive.


CarolinaGirl said...

Everybody else summed it up for me. His mother must be very proud.
And to have a website with his "works" on it! IMHO I believe he's at home eating pork rinds basking in his poseur glow. I guess the whole global warming thing with cfcs in spraypaint is not a cause he celebrates.

CarolinaGirl said...

Feel like "S" reposting but as hubby pointed out, with spelling like that (see his link) his 4th grade teacher is really proud of his spelling skills too!