Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This is Seriously Painful

Watching this chef from Olive Garden cook is like watching someone having a root canal performed by a silverback gorrilla that is suffering from dementia. Notice how his pan is never hot enough before he begins to cook. Listen to him recommend substituting penne for fettuccine (as if it mattered) and explaining how his pant belt thick red peppers have been cut "julienne."

He makes no fond, deglazes nothing then adds insult to injury by finishing the dish with things that Olive Garden would never use: flour, good white wine, heavy cream and Italian parmigiano. OMG, this is too sad. If this dude had been working for me I'd have cleaned his ears with a pot brush.
And lest I leave out the most obvious horror: the dish it totally disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jennie/Tikka said...

Wooow. My salivary glands actually stopped producing while watching this.

Red bells and hot cream.....mmmmmmmmm????

Unreduced wine and olive oil as your sauce base?? Yumm-o.

And enough salty parm. reg. to yank the last drop of moisture right out of your very last cell?? Who could resist?

Don Luis said...

You can use orzo or pappardelle, itsa no maka no difference.

Chicken, itsa gotta no bones, itsa gotta no skin, itsa gotta no flavor.

Robert said...

Thats the worst cooking video i have ever seen.

The Foodist said...

This is painful to watch.. for a couple reasons.

A few you have already pointed out, but closer to home I spent a few years working for OG.

What made me stick with the job as long as I did was, besides the people I worked with, was the fact that I spent 90% of my time preping their "Sauce List". I figured it was the closest thing to ACTUAL cooking in a corp chain one could get. Their smaller sauces (Not Marinara, Tomato, or Meat Sauces) were made 90% from scratch with just a few containing bases or powders/shortcuts of some kind.

I havent worked there in some time but still talk to my old bosses/fellow employees and have heard they have become less "From scratch and more out of the box" and viewing this video only makes me cringe at what is actually going on now.

I guess I got out when the getting was good.

...and I cant help but think that the accent is totaly faked... maybe its not, but Ive never heard of this guy and the fact hes "Italian" is too convenent.

french tart said...

i am very proud to say that i've never eaten at an Olive Garden. never want to, and never will, from the likes of this video.