Thursday, July 5, 2007

"They're Here"

Oy f--king vey.

"Organisers of the Live Earth concerts should not sell burgers or hot dogs at the high profile gigs, an animal rights group claimed today.

Peta said that selling meat at a concert for the environment would be like selling cigarettes at an anti-cancer fundraiser because of the amount of greenhouse gas emitted by the meat farming industry."

Wembley Urged To Take Meat Off Live Earth Menu - UK News Headlines


Sorcha said...

Dear PeTA:


No love,


Anonymous said...

Aside from the rather bucking frilliant combination of Metallica and Spinal Tap on the same stage....that's freakin' scary news!

Jennie (Rare is too done) Tikka

Mike said...

For an alternative look at PETA check out this episode of Penn and Teller's BS

simon said...

The whole Live Earth thing is a bit puzzling to me. I understand it is to make a statement about the state of the environment. But, spending that much electricity, not to mention the likely incredible amount trash that will not be recycled, and the fact that the people not getting on the action will sit in front of their TV spending more electricity (most of it produced by fossil fuels I am guessing) seems counter productive.

PETA can suck a big one as far as I am concerned but it still is a bit weird...